Eleven high school students from Southern California will witness history as we explore Washington D.C. on an exclusive Digital Storytelling Adventure to cover the 45th U.S. Presidential Inauguration.

  • The week of Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday we will get a better understanding of the struggle to guarantee the Constitutional promise of “Equal Protection Under the Law”.
  • Enjoy a tour of the Capitol building, where some of America’s most pioneering public servants advance the work of our great nation.
  • Insider’s access to visionary people at the epicenter of American power allow us to capture the diverse voices of our great democracy.
  • Ultimately, students will understand the responsibility of engaging as ethical, informed citizens in order to ensure the American dream: liberty and justice for all.

The students will be armed with cameras and an open mind to report what they see from D.C. Their projects will be posted to this website daily. Please check back often to experience a fresh viewpoint of this historic time in US history.