Travel with Purpose

Digital Storytelling Adventures are a tasty mix of cultural awareness, adventure travel, insider access to living historians, community service and backpack journalism. Wow! This one-of-a-kind educational trip empowers students to skillfully transmit global truths…seen through their own eyeballs. We’ll arm them with the tips and tricks to create short films, digital stories & interactive blogs about their personal experience. And our curriculum is industry-tested from award-winning journalists and instructors. That, my friend, is our big, juicy difference. Check out past projects.

History’s Never Been So Cool

Our philosophy is simple: Take kids to places where history was made. Destinations with a rich past provide for a wildly engaging experience. Our trips are packed with Grade A, Jumbo-Sized Story Telling Opportunities.

Need more proof? No problem. Take a look at this video from Laos, where students uncovered the consequences of a secret war. It shows the power of taking teens to countries where history happened.